Social Networking For A New Brand: How Do You Begin?

If you are new to social networking then I can’t really help you learn it all, and I am just hoping that you don’t need a lesson on sharing buttons.  However, I can get you started on the right path if you know the basics of Facebook and Twitter.  There are a few simple tricks with Facebook that can establish your brand much faster, and using those tricks you can send engaged users over to your Twitter handle to expand your base there as well.  I have a few new best-practices I have been suggesting to people as well, and I will explain all this as I write.  I’ll mainly focus on Facebook and I hope you can figure out how to get some of your own subscribers to follow your Twitter account without me telling you to just drop a link now and then.

I finally started my "Smells of James Franco" fan page!

I finally started my “Smells of James Franco” fan page!

First, I need to mention Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm.  Edgerank is a filter that has been adapted over the last few years to make sure only quality content reaches people who want to see that content.  How do they know if they want to see it?  Well, don’t start harassing the people on your page to be more active, but their own behavior on Facebook is part of what decides the content going through their news feed.  If they aren’t liking things on your page and pages with similar content, then they most likely might forget you exist and never see you.  You need to take into account that not everyone is online at the same exact time, add in around 10-20% of those users as errant likes who will rarely see your content for their lack of interaction with your page, and then start following best practices to keep your Edgerank high.

japanese baby thing

Now you are wishing you hadn’t seen this.

Facebook rolled out the ability for pages with less than 5,000 ‘Likes’ to import email addresses to try to coerce possibly known engaged subscribers to your content.  So find a list in your current website’s database or buy one if you have to.  That gives you a quick in for rolling out content faster and growing your base at a much more manageable number.  I’ve tried growing pages from ground level since the changes to Facebook’s Edgerank and it is very very difficult and time consuming.  With 5k as your base number, you should be able to immediately get those people to convert around 3x your total base in referrals for the month.  Fifteen thousand people a month might not be “winning”, but it is an actual start that can be expanded on more rapidly by following some best-practices.


Traffic going down? Good.

I won’t get into trading likes or “pimping” pages, but your own social interaction with other pages can be a source of great value for you.  When you are posting onto Facebook, keep this order of importance in mind for what content has the most chance of being seen by your audience:

  1. Videos uploaded to Facebook
  2. Photos or Images
  3. Text only
  4. Links

Yeah, I know… it’s just not cool that Facebook doesn’t let your use them for your own personal diving board to link drop.  You might be jumping over to Facebook to prove to me that some HUGE pages are doing nothing but drop links.  Don’t do that.  There is no need.  I’ll explain.  The “Talking About This” metric is a showing of the health of your page’s personal Edgerank.  You’ll notice that on those gigantic pages, they also only get around half of their total subscribers in the obsequious metric.  If you visit a humor page on Facebook that does nothing but drop memes all day long, you’ll see that their Edgerank is insanely high as they can have near double their total subscribers in that metric.  This is from posting at least once per hour on Facebook, posting continuous images for 80% of the content or more, and moderating all comments to keep the spammers and trolls from hurting their brand.   Funny images get a lot of interaction from most all of Facebook so you will see those higher numbers on most of the well-maintained humor pages.

Wait!  I got one more Grumpy Cat meme in here somewhere...

Wait! I got one more Grumpy Cat meme in here somewhere…

You have gotten to this point and decided… why would I ever need this guy’s help if it is just a matter of doing ‘A’ then ‘B’ then ‘C’ and winning all the Facebooks?  Well, that is where you need talent to produce good content, an ability to parse through the metrics to narrow in on the appropriate conversions, someone who can alter code server-side as platforms expand, and someone who knows how people want to interact.  And besides, I also know a lot more than most about SEO optimization, page loading speed, and web development.  Running your referral networks as I am suggesting a framework for will produce the best results for what you are working with right now.  I wouldn’t have believed it was such an important part of your overall traffic success only a few years ago, but in this era your social referrals should make up at least 50% of your traffic or you are doing it wrong.

I'm sure there is a metaphor in here somewhere...

I’m sure there is a metaphor in here somewhere…

(I’ll add more details on url shorteners, posting services, and more with later articles.)

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